Friday, June 12, 2020

The Human Body: The Nervous System

Continuing with our "Flipped Classroom" Science Club in this strange time of Zoom! Our topic this summer, by student request, is The Human Body.

We are using the Montessori Sixth Great Lesson analogy of The Great River (click the link and then choose "The Nation of the Great River - Narration and Music - by Lizby Dingus and Kai Engle" to hear ETC Montessori's version of this lovely story; choose "Teacher's Notes" to download the words as a PDF).

This story is a wonderful way to frame our work. In a Montessori Lower Elementary classroom students ages 6-9 would hear this story every year. It is part of the Peace & Cosmic Education subject of the curriculum.

Previous Sessions in this Science Club topic were:

Friday, June 12

Prior to Meeting

  • The Book of Think: Or How to Solve a Problem Twice Your Size by Marilyn Burns

    "Looking at What You Usually See" on page 115

    "Sharpening Your Senses" on pages 26 and 28

    "Exercise No. 2: A Color Walk" on page 36

    "Toothpicking Triangles" on page 78
    (solution on page 91)

    "Don't Fall for What Pops In First" on page 75
    (solution on page 76)

    "Face to Face" on page 79
    (solution on page 98)

    "Letting Your Mind Run Wild" on page 104

    "The Path Game" on page 122

    "Things You Know" on page 81

    "Things That Could Be" on page 82

    "Practice Problem No. 1" on page 84

    "Practice Problem No. 2" on page 84

    "Practice Problem No. 3" on page 84

During the Meeting

  • review the results of student at-home activities
  • "Brain and Nervous System: Mission Control" chapter of Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides by Linda Allison

    "Dollar Drop" on page 117

    "Limb Levitation" on page 117

    "Force of Habit" on page 119 (timer set to 1 minute)

    "Training Time" on page 119

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