Thursday, June 4, 2020

Native American Legends: How Thunder and Lightning Came to Be, First Woman and the Strawberry

Love this classic Waldorf second grade block! All of my notes for planning & teaching Native American Legends are on my Waldorf Curriculum website, plus lists of the books that I haven't used yet but would like to in the future.



If you want to be able to make beautiful biome maps of North America, invest in the Waseca Biomes North America Stencil and Map Legend Stamp.

For a less expensive route that will give you the biomes of North America AND all of the other continents besides, the Complete Set of Control Charts for the Biome Puzzles is just $25.00.


The Great Serpent Mound



How Thunder and Lightning Came to Be

First Woman and the Strawberry

    First Woman and the Strawberry

    retold by Gloria Dominic

    a wonderful exploration to go with this would be to eat fresh strawberries (sliced from the top down to make the shape of a heart), make a delicious strawberry recipe, or create paper strawberries

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