Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sewing Foods for the Play Kitchen

Two years ago Zac was about to turn three, and I was very happily sewing him a bunch of play kitchen foods using my stash of pure wool felt. I made an inventory of them in a previous blog post, and linked there to all of the Pinterest pictures that inspired me. I didn't use any patterns; I just looked for photos that I thought I could replicate easily. They were a big success! I always meant to photograph them... and never did. So here you go! If you have a great photo of a food you made for your child, or you would like to, share the link!

Breakfast Foods
stack of pancakes (top one with syrup), banana slices,
fried eggs, bacon (with pipe cleaner inside so it stays wavy)

Lunch Foods
light and dark sandwich bread, two kinds of cheese, lunchmeat,
mandarin orange segments, watermelon slices, snow peas

Dinner Foods
three different pasta shapes (ravioli, penne, farfalle), baby spinach, 
carrot slices, bell pepper slices

star shaped cookies with icing (white felt sprinkle-dyed with Kool-Aid) 
and sprinkles (seed beads), ribbon candy

They've all stayed in the foods basket relatively well except the desserts, which seem to have migrated all over the house. I can only find four iced cookies with sprinkles out of five and two pieces of ribbon candy out of four.

Of all of these the only ones I wouldn't make again are the bell pepper slices. When they get turned inside out they look strange and like nothing at all, and the kids always found them uninteresting and didn't play with them.

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