Monday, June 15, 2020

Kindy Notes - Beginning of June

Just realized I haven't been writing up what Zac and I have been doing! June 1st was a Monday. Here are our notes from the first half of the month.

Zac currently has a huge interest in doing bedtime meditations! He calls them "bedtime poems." We have done a whole bunch from Cory Cochiolo's Bedtime Meditations for Kids:

    #30 - White Light
    #6 - Vacuum Cleaner Breathing
    #7 - Bits and Pieces of Me
    #8 - Monster Stomp
    #10 - Bad-Dream Buddy
    #12 - Lovebug Meditation
    #17 - What I Like About You
    #28 - Roar Like a Lion
    #26 - Get Rid of the Wiggles
    #27 - Moon and Stars

We made Mason Jar Ice Cream (with a spoonful of homemade mulberry jam -- a gift from a student -- which was so delicious and Zac loved shaking the jar to whip the cream!) and All Bran Muffins (where he greased the muffin pan and cracked the eggs and stirred the batter). He also helped wash veggies, chop zucchini, and snip chives with scissors for our Creamy Chive Salmon. He spread the rest of the mulberry jam in the loaf pan for Buttered Toast and Jam Pudding, and cracked eggs and whisked in the heavy cream. He scooped, sliced, and spread avocado on our Caprese Avocado Toast from The Essential Panini Press Cookbook. Yum!

In Helping, Zac helped me scrub all of the mud out of the Art Sink (cleaning things from the mud kitchen took quite a toll) and strip and make the beds. He's learning how to fold and put away his clean laundry.

We did lessons 16, 17, and 18 from the Kindness Curriculum, and Potion Play (PDF) from the Tinkergarten Curriculum, which I introduced using Margaret Mahy's The Boy with Two Shadows. He had a great time collecting potion ingredients from Nature and carrying them around in his John Deere dump truck! I also gave him a few duplicate things from the kitchen that I didn't need (salt, cumin, seasoned meat tenderizer, seasoned salt).

We read "Father Sun and the Dandelion" from Suzanne Down's book of Summer Tales and did dandelion painting with toilet paper tubes and Q tips.

Zac liked reading Molly Bang's All of Me! A Book of Thanks and drawing what he was grateful for (although I rather suspect it was more a case of drawing what he felt like drawing at the time). "I'm grateful that the volcano didn't explode so I'm going to draw a volcano."

Play dough. A brand new foam ball slingshot from a neighbor. Running through the sprinkler. Hauling mulch in his little John Deere wheelbarrow. Carrying sticks from the neighbor's yard for her and adding them to our huge bird nest sculpture.

Drawing with colored pencils. Smooshing dissolvable packing peanuts in the bathtub. Making a new digging pit in a shady spot in our veg garden.

Eating fresh kiwi. Tasting blood oranges and squeezing them for juice. Watching kids play basketball. Making a birthday card for a friend. Playing Kayanak.

Wearing his bathing suit out in the rain. Finding baby birds in our Window Nest Box! Watching the mama bird feed her little ones. Pattern blocks. Reading Pookie and the Gypsies by Ivy Wallace. Playing Jenga.

We finished up Poor Mrs. Quack and took a walk around Campus Lake to see if we could find the mama duck and her ducklings. No luck, but we did see lots of dragonflies as well as turtles sunbathing on a log and swimming in the water. Zac wants to return and take a picnic lunch. Sounds good to me!

We also did one of the Story Walks at Chautauqua Bottoms (Little Red Riding Hood retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman). That was fun but buggy.

Now at bedtime we have started the next book in the Thornton Burgess series, The Adventures of Bobby Coon.

Other books we've enjoyed reading:

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