Sunday, February 26, 2023

Art History - Helen Frankenthaler

Our Specials schedule this year is

    Mon - Nature Study & Form Drawing

    Tue - Farm Day

    Wed - Handwork & Philosophy, Science Club

    Thu - Art History & Structured Word Inquiry

    Fri - Forest School

In my Art History 2022-2023 blog post, I decided March would be Helen Frankenthaler. Here are some resources and my planning notes:

Helen Frankenthaler
1928 - 2011

MMA - Helen Frankenthaler blog post

also Soak-Stain Technique blog post

Helen Frankenthaler's Soak-Stain Painting Technique for Kids
Art History Kids

Helen Frankenthaler "Soak Stain" Art Lesson for Kids

100 Watercolor Cards & Envelopes, Cold Press, 5" x 6.875"

I decided to join Lotus Stewart's full Art History Kids website (The Studio) and get access to her past lesson plans. I think it will really help me this year to have so much already done for me. Helen Frankenthaler is in the Archives.

includes Helen Frankenthaler

PDF guide from Magnificent Modern Art
pages 2, 13

PDF guides from September 2018 topic
Week 1 - pages 3, 7 (Lee Krasner)
Week 2 - pages 3, 7 (Judith Godwin)
Week 3 - pages 2, 3, 8 (Helen Frankenthaler)
Week 4 - pages 1-9, 11, 13

Lotus is also doing Women of Abstract Expressionism in The Studio this month! I don't know if Helen Frankenthaler will be included this time or not.

UPDATE: The revised lesson plans for this topic include Helen Frankenthaler and Lee Krasner, but they substitute Alma Thomas for Judith Godwin.

PDF guide from March 2023 topic
print pages 1, 10-20, and 50

week of Mar 13:

week of Mar 20:

week of Mar 27:

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