Friday, August 5, 2022

MMA - Helen Frankenthaler

This summer a tutoring client and I are going through the Magnificent Modern Art course from Art History Kids together. It's been really interesting so far. Art History isn't something I ever really learned about, so it's new to me. And so, of course, I'm going to keep some notes here as we go along!

Last week it was Surrealism and the artist René Magritte.

This week we are studying

Helen Frankenthaler
Abstract Expressionism (1940s - 1960s)

sample artwork from the art movement

    Jackson Pollock
    Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)

    Joan Mitchell

    Mark Rothko
    Orange and Tan

sample artwork from this artist

    Mountains and Sea

    Summerscene, Provincetown

    Provincetown Window

    Mauve District

note: you can see another example (Desert Pass, 1976) in the Helen Frankenthaler's Soak-Stain Art Technique blog post from Art History Kids

focus piece of art from this artist


element & principle of art and design


other notes (my suggestions)

    Zac and I already did an assignment to jazz music for Fauvism (earlier this summer; see notes at the bottom of Henri Matisse)

    look at images from Rothko wall calendar

    The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art

    by Barb Rosenstock

    Action Jackson

    by Jan Greenberg

    actually, one of my groups of summer camp students did action paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock last week... it was a huge hit!

    this kind of artwork is best for outside for sure! they had so much fun spreading out in the sunny field, laying the cloth on the ground, choosing their colors, and being able to walk all around the cloth on every side putting color on however they wanted to! just going for it!

    the soak-stain technique of Helen Frankenthaler also comes under the category of "messy and fun"

    I enjoyed doing this activity so much I decided to give it its own post!

and more...

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