Saturday, September 8, 2007

Doorway Puppet Theater

I am making Leah's doorway puppet theater out of an old double bed flat sheet but you can, in fact, buy a nice McCall's pattern -- M4796 -- for this. You can buy it new or check on eBay, which is where I got mine. In addition to details on how to make the theater, it also includes patterns for five hand puppets: king, queen, princess, jester, and frog prince. My own "pattern" consists so far of hemming the bottom of the sheet so that the theater will be the right height, folding over the top edge and sewing to make a track for the curtain rod to go through (I'm going to hang it across a hallway), and making it the proper width by folding the right and left edges of the sheet towards the middle until they meet. The back side of the puppet theater is the side where the right and left edges meet, and I just finished making six puppet storage pockets, three down the righthand side of the theater back and three down the lefthand side. I purchased fat quarters from the fabric store in 6 assorted bright and cheerful patterns. The Magic Cabin hand puppets which we'll be buying are approximately 10 inches tall so I made the pockets large enough to hold them. Next I need to come up with a way to cut out the hole in the front, stabilize the bottom of it with a dowel rod sewn into a pocket, and make curtains and a backdrop for the "stage". Then it's on to embellishments. I'm thinking ric-rac for the borders of the puppet storage pockets and some kind of star embellishment for above the stage... I want it to be cheery, vintage-y and childlike. I had so much fun picking out the fabrics for this project. I hope Leah loves it!

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