Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spinning Fiber

I just discovered a lovely new place online called ArtFire. I ended up there after searching for the artisan who handpainted some of the most beautiful roving in my stash (which she sells for spinning, but I don't spin -- I use all my roving for felting). After making all the little wool animal kits from Woolpets, I have now let my Sunday School students loose in my bins of wool roving to create animals of their own design. The only stipulation is that they must make 2, since the animals have to be able to walk 2 by 2 into the Ark. (These are props in our end of year class play). One student untied the handpainted Wensleydale roving by Oregon Homestead, colorway "Pizazz" and used part of it in his scorpion design (the red stinger); it is one of of my absolute favorite rovings so I quickly salvaged the tag so that I could find the artisan again. I went online and, happily, I found it (below), plus other handpainted roving that she has for sale!

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