Monday, October 1, 2007


Book & Activity List:
Add Felt Baby Corn to Nature table (needle felting kit at A Toy Garden)

Earthways -
"Removing Kernels from the Cob," page 56

"The Forgotten Ear of Corn" story from Fun with Fall Fruit and Foods by Tonya Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School

Earthways -
"Stringing Necklaces," page 57
"Grating the Cobs," page 63

The Mouse and the Mill by Alma Coon (A Colonial Williamsburg Tale)

A Child's Seasonal Treasury -
"Corncakes," page 60
"Corn Husk Dolls," page 59

make cornmeal (Carol Petrash recommends buying a hand coffee mill as an inexpensive alternative to a grain mill -- there are LOTS used on eBay. Coffee Grinders is an actual category, or you can search under Antiques)

Earthways - "Grinding Corn," page 59

compare blue cornmeal, yellow cornmeal, white cornmeal

Natalie unexpectedly chose a library book this week that goes well with this theme -- The First Tortilla: A Bilingual Story by Rudolfo Anaya

Field Trips:
Eastern Woodland Indian Village Day @ JPP
Saturday 11 am - 3 pm

Corn Maze @ Forrest Hall Farm & Orchard
Sunday 11 am - dusk
Location on Rt. 5 (Point Lookout Road) in Mechanicsville, MD
Approximately 9 miles north of Leonardtown or 1.5 miles from the intersection of Rts. 5 and 235 (Three Notch Rd)

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