Monday, October 8, 2007

Freebie Day

I got up this morning and started working on my preschool planbook for this week (Root Vegetables) and suddenly realized it was making me very depressed to cross out Tuesday and Wednesday and write in "Funfit" and leave my children with a babysitter and an activity and miss out on the homeschooling experience. And my first thought was, I should quit this job. But then I thought, there's no reason why I should quit a 2x week 3 hour each morning job... there's no way that is too much for my schedule! What's the real problem here? And I decided to solve the problem by shifting our homeschool "week" to Thursday through Monday. This kills two birds with one stone, since I can never figure out where to write our weekend activities (usually field trips and other homeschool-y things) in my planbook. And if we do HS on the weekends, then when is anyone getting a break??? So the Thursday through Monday thing seems like the way to go, and it is a more positive approach than dreading going to work.

That means that today, Columbus Day, will be a holiday for us! With our freebie day I think we will do housecleaning (laundry specifically) and I'd like to get out a new game in the afternoon and introduce it to the children. I purchased the Pillow Pincher game from Magic Cabin -- on sale for $19.99 -- and I think the children will really enjoy it. Plus, it kind of ties in with the laundry theme. :-)

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