Monday, October 22, 2007

Natalie as Expert

Suzanne, Natalie's teacher, did a wonderful job of announcing to the class that they were going to dye wool. She somehow got Natalie to explain that she knew how to dye wool -- and had done it with red cabbage, beets, and onion skin -- acted surprised and happy, and asked Natalie if she would please teach the class. So Natalie is tickled pink and proud to be in charge of such an important project. They sent out an all-call to the moms to please send in their onion skins throughout the week.

Thursday is the beginning of our new "unit" which is Pumpkins. Thursday, also, happens to be the Tidewater School's Pumpkin Patch event which is held at Hallowing Point Park. It is a morning of family fun (all parents & sibs are invited) and pumpkins galore. I know my kids will be excited to bob for apples. Then Friday through Monday my mom will be here babysitting while Steve and I are gone, so that is the sum of all HS happenings. One pumpkin festival. That's OK, it will be exciting enough to have Gram here and she will certainly have enough on her hands without trying to juggle school stuff. N has been begging me constantly to read her pumpkin books. Does anybody know of some?


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Here is a link to my other blog....some pumpkin books recommended


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