Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I is for Island

After leaving the Hermit, the children walked on and on through the forest until they decided to camp for the night. In the morning they found that they were completely on the other side of the island and facing a large blue sea! While standing on the shore, the children had to choose between two paths (the hermit had told them one would be right and one would be wrong) and they went Right. (The dormouse told them to go Left, but they ignored him.) Suddenly, tall thin Islands started popping up out of the water. These islands promised them that they would grant any wish, without the children having to do any work at all, just say "I want it" and they are excessively tempted by this and have temporarily forgotten about their quest...

I've never seen I for Island but it's working for Natalie. She absolutely loves hearing the next segment of the story and once she finds out what letter we are doing she practices the sound over and over. For H we spent about 20 minutes thinking of words that started with 'huh'. I was coming up with honey, hand, hug, happy. She was actually beating me! She contributed hullaballoo & hippopotamus! The girl is really good at this. :-)

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