Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Geese Flying South

So, yesterday we saw our first few V's of geese flying in formation, headed for warmer climes. I got a fit of Fall Cleaning in me and we moved the ficus tree inside to the living room from the deck, moved the play kitchen, moved the play store, outfitted both with new play kitchen foods (courtesy of Kelly O'Neill -- the slices of wedding cake and the sugar snap peas are especially cute), moved the train set into Leah's room, moved the two empty bookcases up into the living room and filled the bottom portion with books and laid down a long orange silk over the top portion, then set out some tree blocks on it and made homes for two little gnomes.

We did M in The Wise Enchanter which was Mountain. Again, pretty standard fare. It was an interesting twist, though, since the mountain talked to them.

Oh, I forgot L. L was Lila of the Lake, a mournful girl who almost persuaded one of our adventurers to stay under the lake with her forever. (The L shape is her kneeling in front of him, pleading.) They have been having a hard time staying focused on their quest of late. The Isles of Imagination and Jumping Jack led them astray.

The children will be doing Gnomes as their theme for this week so I will get to planning that shortly. N is still working on her Bridge form drawing. The first night she wanted to add the water, troll, and biggest billy goat gruff to her drawing and I let her and then decided that it completely overshadowed the form so we will do it again.

I had my first real Taste of Home Entertaining party on Sunday afternoon and it went great! I'm very tired, though. It takes a lot of energy to be upbeat and positive.

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