Sunday, June 17, 2018

Saints Artwork

Photos of our artwork from the Saints stories we did this summer; here is the full list of Saints and art projects.

Saint Werburgh - a poured pulp handmade paper illustration of a Goose, inspired by Denise Fleming's illustration style, especially Barnyard Banter, and where the shape of the Goose makes a G as in L M N O P and All the Letters A to Z

Saint Joan d'Arc - colored pencil drawing of the beautiful sword from Archangel Michael (accented with gems from the costume jewelry bin and glitter glue)

Saint Kevin - wet felting over a raw egg (chicken, duck, peacock)

Saint Rose of Lima - watercolor painting of her bed and then adding salt (coarse sea salt, pink Himalayan rock salt, smoked sea salt from Mountain Rose Herbs) while the paint is still wet, so that it has the texture of the broken pottery and glass she slept on

Saint Jerome - block beeswax crayon drawing of a lion from Teaching with the Fables: A Holistic Approach by Sieglinde de Francesca using only two primary colors:  yellow and red

Saint Francis - wool picture of "Saint Francis Preaching to the Birds" from Magic Wool: Creative Activities with Natural Sheep's Wool by Dagmar Schmidt & Freya Jaffke

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary - illustration with stamped celery heart roses using red paint (place the paper on a folded towel instead of a hard surface for best results when stamping)

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