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"The 12 Professions"

Since reading the Cobbler Circle (wonderful early childhood circle available free as a PDF), I've been trying to decide... if I was going to write a Circle, where would I begin? There are so many potential topics! And then I got the monthly Early Childhood newsletter from Suzanne Down for May/June and she is offering a fantastic class this July called Therapeutic Puppetry Tool Box - The Importance of the Worker in Fairy Tales and Story for Young Children.

Here's her description of the course:

    Juniper Tree Puppets is developing a series of workshops on Therapeutic Puppetry, a 'Tool Box' of practical and meaningful topics to deepen your skills and understanding of therapeutic ways of bringing puppetry to today's children. This workshop introduces and explores Steiner's '12 professions', and how they relate to the Worker Characters in Fairy Tales and Story. Therapeutically, we will focus on how purposeful, thoughtful, cared-for work supports the moral development of young children and their healthy will forces. We will also create worker puppet characters, and fine tune their gesture that honors the cosmic source of these important archetypes. All welcome.

In her email she shows a Baker puppet. On the webpage she shows several more puppets, including a Fisherman. I had already been thinking when I was listening to the CD of Shea Darian's songs from Seven Times the Sun about doing a Blacksmith circle. Now I'm thinking about a whole series of circles, one for each of Steiner's 12 Professions. I would LOVE to know what they are! Obviously not arborist, party planner, and computer technician. What might they be? Washerwoman? Spinner or Weaver? Farmer? Sailor? Carpenter? Shepherd?

I'm going to try to research what Steiner said about this given that I have a scheduling conflict and can't make it to Suzanne's workshop -- which looks AMAZING -- so if anyone has thoughts about this, please share them! And if you get to go to the workshop, please share about how it went! Until then, I'm going to content myself with making notes about resources with songs and verses which could be a good fit with a Worker Circle.

I will keep updating this list as I look through more books.

Games Children Play: How Games and Sport Help Children Develop
by Kim John Payne

    "The Mice in My House" - pp.3 and 4 - housebuilding: carpenter

    "The Tree" finger play - p.4 - shepherd

    "In the Water" finger play - p.4 - milkmaid

    "Golden Rings" finger play - p.5 - milkmaid

    "Babies Walk Up Stairs" finger play - p.5 - housebuilding: carpenter

    "Two Fat Gentlemen" finger play - p.5 - farmer

    "Ipsey-Wipsey Spider" finger play - p.6 - baker / cook

    "Thumbkin, Dance" finger play - p.7 - milkmaid

    "The Flying Hands" finger play - p.7 - washerwoman

    "Wee Willie Worm" finger play - p.7 - farmer

    "This Little Finger" finger play - p.7 - sailor / fisherman

    "Grandma and Grandpa" finger play - p.8 - spinner / weaver

    "All My Little Ducks" circle game - p.8 - milkmaid

    "See the Little Hare" circle game - p.9 - shepherd

    "My Pigeon House" circle game - p.9 - milkmaid

    "Nix in the Water" circle game - p.9 - sailor / fisherman

    "Who'll Come Into My Wee Ring?" circle game - p.9 - milkmaid

    "The Washerwoman" circle game - p.10 - washerwoman

    "All in the Wind" circle game - p.10 - sailor / fisherman

    "See a Shepherd Maiden" circle game - p.15 - shepherd

    "How Does the Farmer" circle game - p.16 - farmer

    "I Travelled Over Land and Sea" circle game - p.17 - shepherd

    "Punchinello" circle game - p.18 - shepherd

    "Farmer's Seed" game - p.19 - farmer

Let's Dance and Sing: Story Games for Children
by Kundry Willerth

    "The Carrot" (The Gigantic Turnip) song - pp.28 and 29 - farmer

    spinning wheel song - pp.32 and 33 - spinner / weaver

    working people song - p.35 - cobbler, tailor, baker, farmer, etc.

Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures: Movement Enrichment with a Therapeutic Approach for Early Childhood, volume 1
by Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark

    Zoo Exercises - caterpillar crawl - p.11 - farmer

    Zoo Exercises - crab walk - p.11 - sailor / fisherman

    Zoo Exercises - donkey kick - p.12 - farmer

    Zoo Exercises - fish - p.12 - sailor / fisherman

    Zoo Exercises - rabbit - p.12 - farmer

    Zoo Exercises - rocking boat - p.12 - sailor / fisherman

    Zoo Exercises - wheelbarrow - p.13 - farmer

    "Indian Harvest" song - p.23 - farmer

    "Picking Up Apples" song - p.33 - baker / cook

    "Galloping Farmer Rhyme" from Wynstones Autumn - p.37 - farmer

    "This is the way the farmer rides" movements - p.38 - farmer

    "Wheelbarrow Song" - p.39 - farmer

    "Polly, Put the Kettle On" - p.55 - baker / cook

    Farmer Brown verse and movements - p.67 - farmer

    missing lamb game - p.67 - shepherd

    scarecrow verse and movements - pp.67 and 68 - farmer

    "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" song - p.68 - sailor / fisherman

    "Two Little Boats" tune and movements - p.68 - sailor / fisherman

    "Norwegian Milking Song" - p.69 - milkmaid

    "Zoom-a-zoom-a-zee" song - p.72 - shepherd

    entire "Pelle's New Suit" circle play - pp.77 to 82 - spinner / weaver

    entire "Springtime Garden Circle" - pp.83 to 86 - farmer

    "In Spring" song - p.87 - shepherd

    "Swim Little Fish" song - p.84 - sailor / fisherman

    "Waddling Duck Rhyme" - p.94 - milkmaid

    "Five Little Peas" gesture game - p.95 - farmer

    "Little Round Bun" story / circle adventure - pp.101 to 106 - baker

    "Ding, Dong, Dell" verse and movements - p.111 - farmer

Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child through the Rhythms of the Day
by Shea Darian

    "Grasshoppers Three" song - p.72 - shepherd

    "I Will Work with Joy" song - p.88 - general work

    "The Blacksmith" song - p.90 - blacksmith

    'Work-a-Day" song - p.91 - general work

    "Hot, Brown Loaf" song - p.92 - baker / cook

    "Many Hands" song - p.93 - general work

    "Hanging Out the Linen Clothes" song - p.157 - washerwoman

    "Peace Bless This House" song - p.191 - housebuilding: carpenter

This Is The Way We Wash-a-Day book & CD
by Mary Thienes-Schunemann

    "The Blacksmith" song - p.13 - blacksmith

    "Pick a Bale of Cotton" song - p.13 - spinner / weaver

    "The Carpenter" song - p.14 - housebuilding: carpenter

    "Mother's A-Weaving" song - p.15 - spinner / weaver

    "Cobbler, Cobbler" song - p.15 - cobbler

    "Pat on the Railway" song - p.16 - railroad worker

    "Manamolela" song - p.17 - railroad worker

    "Haul Away, Joe" song - p.17 - sailor / fisherman

    "Corn Grinding Song" - p.19 - baker / cook

    "Have You Ever Seen a ..." song - p.20 - housebuilding: carpenter

    "This is the Way We Wash-a-Day" song - p.22 - washerwoman

    "Washin' Woolies" song - p.24 - washerwoman

    "Sweeping Song" - p.25 - housebuilding: carpenter

    "Oh, When I Go a-Ploughing" song - p.27 - farmer

    "Growing Song" - p.27 - farmer

    "It's Fun to Dig Potatoes" song - p.28 - farmer

    "Little Watering Can" song - p.28 - farmer

    "Little Red Wagon" song - p.29 - farmer

    "The Farmer in the Dell" song - p.30 - farmer

    "Fairies of Water, Fire, Air & Earth" song - p.31 - farmer

    "Shortnin' Bread" song - p.33 - baker / cook

    "Chop, Chop, Chippety Chop" song - p.34 - baker / cook

    "Sweet Potatoe Pie" song - p.34 - baker / cook

    "Muffin Man" song - p.35 - baker / cook

    "Let's Set the Table!" song - p.36 - baker / cook

    "Warm Water" song - p.37 - baker / cook

    "Help Me Wind My Ball of Yarn" song - p.42 - spinner / weaver

    "Folding Song" - p.43 - washerwoman

    "The Thread Follows the Needle" song - p.43 - washerwoman

    "Lovely Sunshine" song - p.45 - general work

    "Johnny Appleseed" song - p.47 - baker / cook

    "Angel of Mine" song - p.49 - general work

Around the World with Finger Puppet Animals by Suzanne Down

    Sheep poem/theater ideas/ finger puppet pattern - spinner / weaver

    Pig poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - farmer

    Donkey poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - farmer

    Cow poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - milkmaid

    Horse poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - blacksmith

    Chicken poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - farmer

    Goat poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - milkmaid

    Rooster poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - farmer

    Dog poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - farmer

    Cat poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - milkmaid

    Duck poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - farmer

    Swan poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - sailor / fisherman

    Deer poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - farmer

    Brown Bear poem/theater ideas/finger puppet patterns - baker / cook

    Bunny poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - shepherd

    Squirrel poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - carpenter

    Hedgehog poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - shepherd

    Mice poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - farmer

    Birds poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - carpenter

    Fish poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - sailor / fisherman

    Turtle poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - sailor / fisherman

    Frog poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - sailor / fisherman

    Ladybug poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - shepherd

    Butterfly poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - shepherd

    Bees poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - baker / cook

    Snail poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - farmer

    Seal poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - sailor / fisherman

    Wolf poem/theater ideas/finger puppet pattern - shepherd

Rhymths on Parade (CD)
by Hap Palmer

    Woodpecker track - housebuilding: carpenter

Learning Basic Skills Through Music, volume 1 (CD)
by Hap Palmer

    Colors track - housebuilding: painter

The Breathing Circle: Learning through the Movement of the Natural Breath
by Nell Smyth

    The Sun Above is Bright - shepherd

    Stretch Me, Stretch Me, Stretch Me High! - shepherd

    The Leaves are Fluttering - milkmaid

    Brr it’s Cold - farmer

    Pitter Patter Raindrops - milkmaid

    Hippo Song - sailor / fisherman

    The Door’s Shut Tight! - housebuilding: carpenter

    Boating Song - sailor / fisherman

    Galloping Horses - blacksmith

    We Push the Saw, We Pull the Saw - woodcutter

    Lady Fog - milkmaid

    Two Fat Gentlemen - baker / cook

    Five Little Peas - farmer

    Ten Bright Candles - spinner / weaver

    Rocks to Stones - housebuilding: cob

    Sweet Rosy Round Apples - baker / cook

    Swooping Gulls - sailor / fisherman

    Rolling Seals - sailor / fisherman

    Bear Has a Snout - shepherd

    We Are Little Lemon Trees - beekeeper

    The Tide Goes In and the Tide Goes Out - sailor / fisherman

    The Blackberry Patch - shepherd

Let’s Talk, Let’s Play: Helping Children Learn How to Learn From Life
by Jane Winslow Eliot
available FREE from the Online Waldorf Library

    Caterpillar - shepherd

    The Sun Descending in the West - shepherd

    The Smell of Rain is Lovely - milkmaid

    Where Shall We Adventure Today That We’re Afloat - sailor / fisherman

    A Small Wave - sailor / fisherman

    Springtime Seeds - farmer

    Snail’s House spiral game - farmer

Festivals Together: A Guide to Multi-Cultural Celebration
by Sue Fitzjohn et al

    Blossom Song - milkmaid

    Song of the Harvest Hoe - farmer

    Canoe Round - sailor / fisherman

Festivals Family and Food: Guide to Seasonal Celebration
by Diana Carey and Judy Large

    Oats and Beans Ring Game - farmer

    The Harvest - farmer

    Red in Autumn - woodcutter

    Harvest - farmer

    Colour - farmer

    Pumpkin Pie - baker / cook

    Old Roger is Dead - baker / cook
    (tune on 101 Toddler Favorites, disc 2, track 12)

    Spindlewood - woodcutter
    (tune on Let Us Form a Ring, disc 2, track 38)

    Snow Song - woodcutter
    (tune on The Singing Year, track 93)

    Dame Get Up - baker / cook

    Evening Song - shepherd

Rhymes for Fingers and Flannel Boards
by Louise Binder Scott

    Birthday Candles - baker / cook

    Six Little Candles - baker / cook

    Ten Little Candles - baker / cook

    Here is the Engine - railroad worker

    Railroad Train - railroad worker

    Ten Little Sailors - sailor

    Five Little Sailors - sailor

    The Baker Man - baker

    On the Farm - farmer

    Ten Little Ducklings - farmer

    Fuzzy Ducklings - farmer

    Five Little Goslings - farmer

    The Goose Family - farmer

    Five Little Chickens - farmer

    This Little Chick - farmer

    Ten Fluffy Chickens - farmer

    Counting Kittens - milkmaid

    Little Kittens - milkmaid

    Five Little Pussy Cats - milkmaid

    One Little Kitten, One - milkmaid

    Kitty and Bunny - farmer

    Creepy Crawly - shepherd

    Five Kittens - farmer

    Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey - farmer

    Piggies - farmer

    Three Little Pigeons - farmer

    Once I Saw a Beehive - beekeeper

    Puppy Jumps Over a Stick - farmer

    Five Little Puppies - farmer

    Frisky’s Doghouse - farmer

    Ten Little Farmer Boys - farmer

    La Souris / The Mouse - milkmaid

    J’Irai dans le Bois / To the Woods Goes She - farmer

    Mon Petit Lapin / My Little Rabbit - farmer

    Conejito / Little Rabbit - farmer

    Un Huevito / An Egg - farmer

    Los Maderos de San Juan / The Woodmen of San Juan - woodcutter

    La Mariposa / The Butterfly - shepherd

    The Woodchopper - woodcutter

    Rabbits - farmer

    See My Clothes - washerwoman

    The Rabbits - farmer

    Twelve Little Rabbits - farmer

    This Little Bunny - farmer

    Five Little Rabbits - farmer

    Once There Was a Bunny - farmer

    Here’s a Little Washboard - washerwoman

    Ten Little Clothespins - washerwoman

    This is the Way - washerwoman

    Here’s a Cup of Tea - baker / cook

    Houses - housebuilding

    Squirrel in a Tree - woodcutter

    Five Little Mice - baker / cook

    Where Are the Baby Mice? - farmer

    Ten Little Grasshoppers - shepherd

    Eeensy Weensy Spider - farmer

    Sleepy Caterpillars - shepherd

    Dive Little Tadpole - sailor / fisherman

    Ten Little Froggies - sailor / fisherman

    Things that Hop - sailor / fisherman

    I Am a Little Toad - milkmaid

    Five Little Robin - woodcutter

    Little Birds - woodcutter

    Here Is a Bunny - farmer

    Striped Chipmunk - shepherd

    Five Little Busy Bees - beekeeper

    The Elf’s Coat - woodcutter

    The Fairies’ Wash Day - washerwoman

    The Owl and the Brownies - woodcutter

    Two Blackbirds - shepherd

    Little Robin Redbreast - farmer

    This Little Cow - milkmaid

    Little Bo-Peep - shepherdess

    Little Boy Blue - shepherd

    Stretch, Stretch - farmer

    Hide and Seek - housebuilding

    Little Leaves - farmer

    Three Little Oak Leaves - woodcutter

    The Apple Tree - baker / cook

    In Wintertime - beekeeper

    Snowflakes - farmer

    Yellow Daffodil - milkmaid

    Relaxing Flowers - shepherd

    Flowers - shepherd

American Folk Songs for Children
edited by Ruth Seeger

    Old Mister Rabbit - farmer

    Oh, John the Rabbit - farmer

    Hop, Old Squirrel - woodcutter

    This Old Hammer - railroad worker

    The Train Is A-Coming - railroad worker

    The Little Black Train - railroad worker

    When the Train Comes Along - railroad worker

    John Henry - railroad worker

    Every Monday Morning - railroad worker

    Sailing in the Boat - sailor / fisherman

    Blow, Boys, Blow - sailor / fisherman

    Fire Down Below - sailor / fisherman

    When I Was a Young Maid - variety of workers

    Built My Lady a Fine Brick House - housebuilding: bricklayer

A Child’s Seasonal Treasury
by Betty M. Jones

    Mine Host of the “Golden Apples” - woodcutter

    Woodchoppers - woodcutter

    Stepping Stones - shepherd

    The River - sailor / fisherman

    When Mary Goes Walking - milkmaid

    Five Little Leaves - woodcutter

    Autumn Leaves - woodcutter

    The Squirrel - woodcutter

    Five Little Chipmunks - woodcutter

    Jump the River - shepherd

    The Kind Mousie - cobbler

    Snowflakes - farmer

    Shivering, Quivering - shepherd

    Snowy Day - shepherd

    Chestnuts - woodcutter

    Working Gnomes - farmer

    Stir the Soup - baker / cook

    Old Mother Cat - milkmaid

    Spring is Coming - woodcutter

    Earth, Sun, Wind and Rain - farmer

    Silver Raindrops - shepherd

    Growing Rhyme - farmer

    The Little Plant - farmer

    The Living Garden - farmer

    Baby Seed Song - beekeeper

    Lambs - shepherd

    Pussy Willow - washerwoman

    Bunny and the Garden - farmer

    The Clocking Hen - farmer

    Ducks - shepherd

    The Little Men - woodcutter

    Fairy Ring - shepherd

    Little Brown Seed - farmer

    Little Brown Rabbit - farmer

    To Let - farmer

    Bluebird - farmer

    Mama Bird, Have You Heard? - woodcutter

    Five Tiny Fairies - farmer

    Five Little Seeds - farmer

    My Horses - blacksmith

    Fishermen - fisherman

    Creature Features - shepherd

    Little Fish - sailor / fisherman

    Big Cow - farmer

    Little Birdie - shepherd

    White Horses - sailor / fisherman

    Flower Elves - shepherd

    My Turtle - shepherd

    Dandelion - shepherd

    The Sea - sailor / fisherman

    Seashell Song - sailor / fisherman

    The Tadpole - washerwoman

    Butterfly - shepherd

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