Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sensory Play

Sometimes I get so excited that Zac is three and now we can "do school" that I forget how little three actually is. Looking at him at Tinkergarten the other day, for example. There were great activities set up there, but all he really wanted to do was throw things into the pond and watch the splash.

Zac spends 20 minutes washing his hands because he loves playing with the water. He adds sensory play into every circle time activity I come up with because that's where he is... and it's completely appropriate for his age!

So yesterday and today when I was feeling completely exhausted and had no energy for a Circle Time, I didn't do one. Remember that Steiner says that the kids pick up WHO you are more than they do WHAT you are doing with them. That's why inner work is so important. If I'm doing a Circle Time begrudgingly, because I believe that I have to in order to be a good mom, he will sense that tension in me!

In fact, he might even lock into the distortion that my reluctance is a reflection on him, and think that I don't want to spend time with him.

So I can't tell whether I was just intimidated to do my first real Circle Play (which is what was on the schedule) or whether I was just fighting off getting sick or whether I was just overwhelmed and tired... and I don't need to know, actually. I just have to tune in and listen to my body.

I wanted in my gut to just keep it simple. And we did.

So it was sensory play and hanging out, yesterday and today.

Lots of time snuggling.

Cooking together.

Eating our dinner at the table in the Art Room just for fun.

Bringing the easel outside to paint in the shade under a tree.

Watching the birds come to the bird feeder.

Mixing up a batch of Ghost Mud.

Making a Tea Sensory Bin (a HUGE hit and a nice variation on pouring work).

Splotching wet tea bags on paper to see if they would make a mark.

Covering up toy animals with scoops of rice (plastic toys aren't my favorite but golly they're great for sensory play... inexpensive and indestructible).

Letting him play with, and use up, an entire bottle of liquid soap.

Taking the fledgling robin back outside after it hopped right up the steps one by one and straight into my kitchen (surprising poor Zac nearly to death).

Drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Riding a tricycle inside during the rainstorm.

Listening to our new CD of Waldorf songs.

Being together.

one roll toilet paper
one bar Ivory soap microwaved for 2 minutes
one cup warm water

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