Saturday, June 16, 2018

Summer Camp: The Human Body

I have a boatload of information on my website for this block, including essential books, lists of experiments, and more... plus I also have the series of detailed blog posts which I wrote during the course of this school year (below) so I won't repeat WHAT I'm going to do for camp here.

But I do need to rearrange things and decide WHEN I will do each system, to make it fit neatly into a two week summer camp.

Here are my thoughts for Camp:

Week One:

    Monday - The Great River and The Circulatory System

    Tuesday - Photosynthesis and The Respiratory System

    Wednesday - Farm Day

    Thursday - The Digestive System and The Teeth
    (reminder: start crockpot yogurt)

    Friday - The Urinary System, field trip to SIU

Week Two:

    Monday - The Nervous System and The Eye

    Tuesday - The Vestibular System and The Ear

    Wednesday - Farm Day, The Endocrine System

    Thursday - The Skeletal System and The Muscular System

    Friday - The Integumentary System and The Immune System

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