Friday, May 8, 2020

Flipped Classroom Science Club - Magnetism

Some Science experiments aren't easy to do at home without special equipment, but nearly everyone has a few magnets on their fridge!

Friday, May 8

Prior to Meeting

During the Meeting

  • review the results of student at-home activities
  • #10 - "Like and Unlike," page 99
    we did this experiment on a flat surface
  • #16 - "No Visible Means of Support," page 101
    we did this experiment with the following magnet:

  • #4 - "Find the Magnetite," page 97

  • #21 - "Lines of Force," page 104
    we did this experiment with the following magnet:

    as well as a piece of picture frame glass and some iron filings

Next week, we will consider Electricity. I'm preparing a list of experiments on Static Electricity, and the relationship between Magnetism and Electricity, but if students have kits at home such as Snap Circuits those would be a good thing to explore for this topic as well. I have a few (Snap Circuits Green, Snap Circuits Motion). Leah absolutely loved them when she was younger.

Clocca Concepts has a nice Electric Circuit Kit ($195.00) that I would have gotten for the classroom if we were meeting together. Maybe next year!

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