Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Peoples of the Biomes

I was just putting my Inuit shelter and culture three-part cards back in my basket of Biome material from Waseca Biomes, when I realized that one of the sets from Oceania is the Maori people. It would have been nice if I remembered that when we were doing our Hawai'i class play in December!

So, I'm making some quick notes here as to which people are on which continent, and their biome. This is only one group of the Biomes cards; I'm not listing plant, invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal here.

The colored border around these cards matches the color coding of the continents as seen on the Montessori Colored Globe of the Continents.

Antarctica - white

    polar - researchers

Europe - red

    polar - Saami
    mountains - the Basque
    grasslands - Ukrainians
    wetlands - people of Amsterdam
    temperate forest - people of the Black Forest

Africa - green

    mountains - the Konso
    grasslands - the Masai
    wetlands - the fellah of the Nile Delta
    tropical forest - the Efe pygmies
    desert - the !Kung

Oceania - brown

    mountains - the Maori people
    grasslands - ranchers
    wetlands - Aborigines of Ramingining
    temperate forest - people of Sydney
    tropical forest - Siawi people
    desert - the people of Coober Pedy

South America - pink

    mountains - the Quechua
    grasslands - people of Uruguay
    wetlands - people of the Pantanal
    temperate forest - people of Santiago
    tropical forest - Yanomani
    desert - miners of the Atacama

Asia - yellow

    polar - the Nenet
    mountains - the Dolpo
    grasslands - the Mongolians
    wetlands - the Ma'dan
    temperate forest - people of a commune
    tropical forest - people of Bangkok
    desert - people of the Thar

North America - orange

    polar - the Inuit
    mountains - Highland Maya people
    grasslands - Iowa farm family
    wetlands - Cajuns
    temperate forest - the Amish
    tropical forest - the Guna
    desert - the Diné

These cards are for simple research for younger children or a jumping off point for older children. They are great for the third grade block on Shelters in Waldorf. I especially like to lay out all of the people (or plants or animals) for a biome around the world, and see the similarities and differences!

If You Lived Here: Houses of the World

by Giles Laroche

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