Friday, May 15, 2020

Norse Mythology Week 3

I have lots of planning notes for this block on my website. Here was Week 3:

Monday, May 11

  • discuss Viking reports for the end of the main lesson block
  • have students choose their preferred topics from the list: Viking Ordinary Life, Viking Foods, Viking Expansion / Weapons / Ships
  • recall and add "Iduna and the Magic Apples"
  • hear new story: "Skade, the Ski-goddess"

Tuesday, May 12

Thursday, May 14

  • recall and add "Skade, the Ski-goddess" to MLB

Friday, May 15

  • hear new stories (two instead of one, since our session yesterday was aborted due to technical difficulties):

    "The Death of Balder"

    "Loki's Punishment"

Over the weekend students should continue to research and prepare their Viking reports, and do the Viking Gods Puzzle student worksheet for fun!

Also fun, Crash Course Mythology!

For a review of the Norse Pantheon overall and a legend we did not cover
"The Theft of Thor's Hammer" (the whole video)

The Norse Pantheon - Crash Course World Mythology #10

For a review of part 1 of the legend we are adding Monday
"The Death of Balder" (from 3:47 to 5:56)

For a review of part 2 of the legend we are adding Monday
"Loki's Punishment" (from the beginning to 3:02)

And, of course, if anyone gets excited about "The Theft of Thor's Hammer" and wants to add it to their MLBs, they can do it over the weekend before we add "The Death of Balder" and "Loki's Punishment" on Monday.

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