Sunday, May 10, 2020

Research Projects - Viking Reports

As I mentioned before, our Norse Mythology II main lesson block has to be radically revised because our homeschool co-op is not meeting in person. Taking out all of the hands-on and artistic exploration leaves quite a large hole! So this time around I'm going to have my three students each research and present reports on different aspects of Viking life.

Of course, I have books that would be good resources for this in the classroom... entire bins labeled Vikings... but we aren't in the classroom and since they're still young I don't want them hopping around on the internet Googling things. So I went looking for a map (Googling "who believed in Norse Mythology?") and found one that I liked and -- lo and behold -- I decided to get a bunch of materials on TpT from MindRoar in Australia.

I think this will work really well; with everything being created by the same seller, it should all coordinate with no big gaps in information. The problem with me getting 20 resources for Vikings (I wrote to her and she created a bundle so -- ta da! -- you don't have to add them to your cart one at a time) is now I need to make a list. I can't mentally coordinate all that information. I have to write them down and I have to categorize in order to process it!

The introductory materials can be used to accompany the following video:

The Vikings: Trading and Raiding - Crash Course World History #224

Viking History Resources


Crash Course History #224 - Introduction to the Vikings - Student Worksheet

Introduction to the Vikings - Timeline - Student Worksheet

Introduction to the Vikings - PowerPoint

Introduction to the Vikings - Evidence About the Vikings - Student Worksheet

Research - Viking Homelands and Geography

Viking Homelands and Geography - PowerPoint

Viking Homelands and Geography - Notetaking - Student Worksheet

Viking Homelands - Blank Map - Student Worksheet

Research - Viking Ordinary Life

Viking Ordinary Life - PowerPoint

Viking Ordinary Life - Scaffolded Summary - Student Worksheet

Viking Vocabulary - Crossword - Student Worksheet

Research - Viking Weapons

Viking Weapons - PowerPoint

Research - Viking Ships

Viking Ships - PowerPoint

Viking Ships - Finish the Sentences - Student Worksheet

Research - Viking Expansion

Viking Expansion: Raiding and Trading - Powerpoint

Viking Expansion - Map Activity - Student Worksheet

Viking Expansion - Scaffolded Summary - Student Worksheet

Viking Vocabulary 2 - Crossword - Student Worksheet

Research - Viking Religion

The Norse Pantheon - Crash Course World Mythology #10
includes the legend of "The Theft of Thor's Hammer"

Crash Course Mythology #10 - Norse Pantheon - Student Worksheet

Viking Religion and Gods - PowerPoint

Viking Gods - Puzzle - Student Worksheet

It'll be interesting to see what topics they choose out of all these options!

Of course, we won't have anyone do a report on the Norse religion, since the Mythology is the entire point of this block and we all know it well, but we may use some of the resources to wrap it up. It can be fun to see how different versions agree or disagree. Note that you can't watch ANY of the religion videos before students have finished the D'Aulaire's book because they give away key events. In adition to the Norse Pantheon video, there are Crash Course Mythology videos which cover Loki and Sif's Golden Hair (start at 4:27), Loki and the Death of Balder (start at 3:23), and Ragnarok itself.

Hermes and Loki and Tricksters Part 2 - Crash Course World Mythology #21

The Dying God - Crash Course World Mythology #19

Ragnarok - Crash Course World Mythology #24

I'd also like to add to this list, which I am creating simply as part of my brainstorming process (I'm not assigning anything yet to students), something about Viking Foods. Here are the resources I've found so far:

Research - Viking Foods

Icelandic Thunder Bread

Traditional Viking Foods

Viking Food from Fotevikens Museum
Small culinary cook book for working vikings
Cheese and butter
Baking bread
Meat and fish
And some more...

66 Viking Recipes (PDF)
meat, fish, vegetable, desserts, breads, porridge, beverages

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