Monday, May 25, 2020

Magnetism & Electricity in Science Club 2

Here are the notes from Magnetism & Electricity in Science Club 1. This second session wrapped up our Physics topic. Next... The Human Body.

Friday, May 22

Prior to Meeting

  • "Can You Get Electricity from a Lemon?"
    on page 61 of
    175 More Science Experiments to Amuse and Amaze Your Friends
  • "Circuit Challenge"
    on page 63 of the same
  • "A Five-Cent Flashlight:
    How can you make a flashlight with pennies?"
    on page 49 of
    Awesome Physics Experiments for Kids by Eric Colon
  • "Temporary Magnets:
    How can you turn everyday objects into temporary magnets?"
    on page 67 of the same
  • "Controlling Electromagnets:
    How can you create a temporary magnets using an electric current?"
    on page 59 of the same
  • "Solar-Powered Snack:
    Can you cook s'mores using energy from the Sun?"
    on page 90 of the same

During the Meeting

By the time we finished Science Club and Zac and I had demonstrated how to make the solar oven it was too late in the day. So we set it out at 8:30 the next morning with a sliced croissant in it with some chocolate chips on top. By 4:30 in the afternoon the temperature in the solar oven was at the very top of the thermometer (140 degrees) and the croissant was toasted and the chocolate was melty. We tried setting a croissant and chocolate setup beside it as the control, but animals ate it. So I wouldn't recommend that!

We didn't do this in class but if your child wants to see a circuit diagram, I recommend this video which shows the diagram for a Faraday flashlight.

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