Friday, May 8, 2020

"Iduna and the Magic Apples" Script

Our final "class play" script. Enjoy! It worked very smoothly as a table read. Thank you to the students for their hard work in creating this, and for all of the family members who helped us carry it off. #myfirstclassplayonZoom


N - Iduna walks in a beautiful garden in Asgard. Here her tree of magic apples flourishes, and the apples fill a chest at her feet.

Iduna - My apples are magical. Without them the gods would not have everlasting life.

Loki - Hello Iduna. Can I have some apples?

Odin - Loki and I are leaving on a trip to Midgard.

Iduna - Of course.

N - Iduna gives Odin and Loki all of her apples, and the chest instantly refills itself.


N - Odin and Loki stop for the night and set up camp. They begin to prepare dinner. They do not notice that a jotun, in the form of a great bird, has landed on a tree branch above them.

Loki - When is this meat going to be done?

Odin - Yes, it’s been cooking for a long time. There must be some evil magic afoot.

Thiassi - Give me some of that meat and I’ll let it cook.

N - Odin and Loki agree, but when the meat is done Thiassi flies down and takes almost all of it for himself. Enraged, Loki hits him with a long stick.

Thiassi - How dare you! You shall be stuck to this stick.

N - With that evil spell, Loki’s hands are suddenly stuck fast. Thiassi flies away, bumping and thumping poor Loki mercilessly along the ground.

Loki - Ouch! Put me down!


N - Thiassi continues to fly along and soon gets closer to a sharp jagged row of cliffs. He flies ominously lower. Loki begins to panic.

Thiassi - Let’s made a deal. Give me Iduna and her chest of apples… or die!

Loki - Yes, anythingI I’ll give you anything!


N - Loki goes to visit Iduna in her garden.

Loki - Come, Iduna, I want to show you something.

Iduna - No, I’ve been told never to leave this garden.

N - Loki continues to beg and plead until Iduna finally gives in.

Iduna - Okay, but I don’t want to leave my apples too long.

N - Loki and Iduna set foot outside of her garden and immediately Thiassi swoops down and carries her high into the sky.

Thiassi - Loki, good job. You kept the deal.

Iduna - Ow!

N - Thiassi takes Iduna to Jotunheim and locks her inside the walls of his ice castle. He does not allow her to leave. When he tries to steal her magic apples, however, they shrivel up and he cannot grab them.


N - Months have passed since Iduna has been stolen. The gods grow white-haired and weary.

Bragi - We’re not just going to stay here and grow old. None of you have been brave enough to go find Iduna, but I am! Who’s with me?

crowd roars in approval

N - Odin and Bragi go to see the Norns.


N - Odin and Bragi arrive at the magic well where the three Norns spin the lifelines of all gods and men. They ask where Iduna is, and how to rescue her.

Norns - Loki tricked Iduna. Here, let’s make a cloak out of falcon feathers. Here Loki, wear this!

N - Loki puts on the cloak and turns into a falcon. He flies off in search of Thiassi’s castle.


N - Loki arrives at the ice castle. He realizes that the room Iduna is in has no window, but he spies a narrow crack.

Loki - Come on, Iduna. I’ll turn you into a bird and we can fly away.

Iduna - Thank you.

N - Iduna, as a little grey bird, and Loki, as a falcon, fly swiftly away.


N - Thiassi realizes that Iduna has escaped and he begins to fly after them. After a long and grueling three days of flight they approach the walls of Asgard.

Thiassi - How dare you, Loki! You betrayed me.

Iduna - So close! I can see Asgard!

Thiassi - So close! I can catch Iduna!

Odin - She’s not going to make it in time! We have to do something!

N - Odin orders all of the gods to light a row of fires. The little birds rise easily above them but the large bird is caught in the flames.


N - Odin transforms Iduna back into her goddess form.

Iduna - Thank you for rescuing me. Here’s an apple for you, and you, and you, and you.

N - As the gods eat the apples, their youthfulness is restored. Everyone enjoys the feast in Valhalla, except Loki, who quietly leaves to sit outside.

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