Saturday, May 23, 2020

Writing Thank You Notes

I wish we had a better system in this country for writing thank you notes.

In fact, I think it would be really nice if someone made a book where, from the day you're born, you can keep track of all the presents you get. Not saying that every one of the things you're given will end up being precious to you, but for the things that are it would be so very nice to look back and remember, oh I got that when I was 2. Or you could look back at your mother's or grandmother's book and see what she got for wedding gifts.

What an incredible piece of memorabilia that would be and a record of your lifetime!!!!

All gifts, all holidays, all people who are dear to your heart. Have columns for the date, occasion, what it is, who gave it to you... and a little space for checking off that you wrote them a Thank You Note. That would make a real difference I think, in remembering to send them! A gentle nudge.

Anyway, if someone markets something like this let me know! I'd be first in line to buy it.

Having had four children I know that there are so many teeny tiny things you forget about a celebration. So I'm attempting to record them in my own little way. Our bedtime story the night before (On the Night You Were Born... and yes, this morning when we were out in the garden the geese really DID pass overhead and honk at us). We like to use Norah Romer's Birthday story for the birthday dinner (eaten from a special angel plate, of course, that we got years ago at Historic St. Mary's City when my girls were small); it goes well with the singing and the blowing out of candles on the birthday ring.

Our birthday breakfast of waffles. The Zoom call with relatives watching Zac open his gifts. Seeing the log cabins and the blue blue sky in MD. And how distracted my mom and aunt got when a skink passed by their feet lol.

For his birthday Zac got his ant farm (it was the first thing he went to look at when he got up in the morning), a spectacular stuffed griffin named Shard (a present from Becca), his first set of Legos (a present from Leah), a wooden frog puzzle (a present from Natalie), a mug shaped like an elephant, a stuffed beaver, a stuffed hedgehog, three new books, and birthday cards.

1000 Animals

Lift-the-flap Measuring Things

Lift-the-flap Construction and Demolition

Socially distanced birthdays are still possible, and special. Besides the family Zoom call, Zac had a friend come by with a card and some pretty things for our Nature table, and she sang him Happy Birthday from her carseat. It was so cute. And he is now running around in the yard with his beaver lovie in our old wooden doll buggy, carefully wrapped in a baby blanket. It's a beautiful sunny day. Just perfect for that pizza box solar oven experiment.

~ ~ ~

And later in the afternoon a tiny gift bag from another friend, with two adorable peg dolls in it, showed up on our doorstep! What a nice surprise.

So we learned that it is actually really fun to have a birthday this way, with things showing up throughout the day in your mailbox and at your door. It has a sort of a May Day vibe. Thank you to everyone who gave us gifts!

~ ~ ~

We aren't doing a birthday cake this year. Zac really wants to bake challah bread, so we are doing that instead! His book this month from the PJ Library was Clarence's Topsy-Turvy Shabbat by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod. And he got really curious about challah. We only have spelt flour because of the pandemic shortages, so we are making Fluffy Vegan Whole Spelt Challah.

Clarence's Topsy-Turvy Shabbat

We love PJ Library and Zac always looks forward to his surprise book each month! I love that it's free and that we are learning a ton about Judaism through being a part of it. The books they choose are always really nice too.

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