Friday, August 17, 2007

Doll Clothing Patterns

My mom just called me to say that the Magic Cabin doll patterns also include patterns for 5 pieces of clothing (doll and clothing patterns together cost about $8) and she's going to go ahead and order them and make Natalie's Christmas doll clothes. That means we will just be buying her a doll suitcase to store them in! Thanks, Mom. That saves us some money and the clothes will mean a lot more to Natalie if my mom makes them. She made all the clothes for my dolls when I was little and I still have a lot of them. Winter coats and hats, nightgowns, dresses, overalls and button front shirts, the whole lot. It's nice to pass traditions like that down. She made all my Halloween costumes, too. I remember being Ozma of Oz, Glenda the Good, the Tooth Fairy (with a little pink gingham bag with the word TEETH cross-stitched on the front -- and it really had my baby teeth in it too!), a Luna Moth the year my brother was a Monarch Butterfly...

4-Piece Nesting Suitcase Set

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