Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sigg Water Bottles


I am spending a lot of time online today. What with updating my resume and puttering around waiting for the school to call me back, I am pretty much an unstoppable blogging force right now. :-) Of course, this will all come to an abrupt halt when my kids get up from their naps.

My current "oh that's right, I was going to look for that next time I was online" thing is stainless steel water bottles. You probably all know that you aren't supposed to drink from plastic bottles that have been out in the hot sun. And I finally, reluctantly, converted to drinking tap water out of a Brita pitcher instead of buying Deer Park bottled water because of the environmental reasons (trucking water all around the country is a huge waste of fossil fuels) but I really missed having the bottles around, simply for the convenience. I hate having an open mug of water in my car; it always seems to get little bugs in it. Enter the stainless steel water bottle. I'm about to buy myself a 1 liter and each child a 0.6 liter. Sigg makes the best quality, and they're available in so many designs that each member of the family can easily have a unique bottle. They also sell a bottle cleaning brush (some designs can't go in the dishwasher -- the kid ones can). The best price is on Amazon but if you want to see a complete list of the designs and what they look like, the Sigg website is your best bet.

Natalie is required to bring a water bottle to school so I guess it's time for me to start ordering them. She has a looong list of stuff... cloth napkins for snack time, a 4 x 6 baby photo and a 4 x 6 family photo for her personal album plus four rolls of film, a houseplant for the classroom, and so on. We'll be spending a fortune!

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