Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wish List

After spending some time perusing Barbara's wonderful library, here is my wish list from her shelves. :-)

available used on Amazon:
Integrated Handwork for Elementary Schools by Louis V. Newkirk
Colors from Nature: Growing, Collecting and Using Natural Dyes by Bobbi A. McRae
The Waldorf Approach to Arithmetic by Hermann Baravelle
Teach Yourself Geometry by Paul Abbott
Education towards freedom: Rudolf Steiner education: a survey of the work of Waldorf schools throughout the world by Frans Carlgren
Native American Crafts Workshop by Bonnie Bernstein and Leigh Blair
Nature Crafts Workshop by Will Kirkman

available new from RSCP:
Plays for Children and Communities by Eugene Schwartz

available new from AWSNA:
25 Plays Inspired by Waldorf Teachers edited by David Mitchell

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