Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Peek into the Classroom... Part I

I'm overdue on sharing photos, so here goes. Beginning with the first part of October:

Zac carefully cutting apple pieces for Crockpot Applesauce

washing veggies for Ratatouille

chopping zucchini

of course, eggplant

just case a few butterflies haven't flown South yet

the hot trend in outdoor play... 
my grandfather's old oatmeal containers
filled with ancient non-germinating grass seed

carefully dumping it on bare patches in the lawn

it's a busy time

hmmm... have I missed a bare spot?

Zac has figured out that his dump truck
is the perfect vehicle for this task

making designs on the light table

trying to divide a ball of yarn in half 
perfectly evenly

beginning the Grammar & Sentence Analysis block
with a review of fountain pens and Chancery Script

washing veggies for Green Tomato Bread

mixing up the dry ingredients

adding the wet ingredients

 our beautiful new tiles from Ms. Anna

speaking of the Harvest season,
let's talk about sprouts!

he's actually excited to try them
you just can't tell from this face

friends working on the Hundred Board together

friends conquering a complicated long division problem

our dyeing project for The Rainbow Goblins
(Capital Letters V and C)

we want to sprinkle dye our felt to look like Chia

we use tea leaves and freshly ground coffee

we even make a Cave in the stream table

and we use the stream table to inspire Grammar
work with the Montessori symbols for the Noun family

helping prepare Stone Soup

starting a knitted chicken

working side by side

finding magnolia seeds on the ground

planning a beautiful potholder design

tracing with tracing paper and 
carefully cutting Bunny pattern pieces out 

adding Valley and Cave to the MLB

Dav Glass comes to present on HackSI (Nov 3 & 4)

eating a hot steamed artichoke with melted butter
before doing our SWI lesson on < artichoke >

a peaceful bit of Handwork and Choice Time

the Noun Family
article, adjective, noun, pronoun

rough drafting and getting an edit for the MLB

sewing the Bunny



helping a younger friend

to help understand Prepositional Phrases
we played the board game Concept

Natalie was home from school that day
we are always glad to have her join us!

Science Club field trip to the library

and a test of a Mentos / Diet Coke explosion nozzle design

it screws onto the lid of the Diet Coke bottle and 
drops an entire pack of Mentos in... guaranteed

of course, we tested it outside in the field

Autumn is arriving

time to play with Indian corn

and start our Haunted Houses of Speech

wiggly chocolate playdough worms
(Capital Letters W and U)

W for Worm
U for Underground

I love the chunky Stabilo 3-in-1
watercolor pencils for this!

we wake yeast up and watch it bubble
(Capital Letters T and B)

measuring ingredients for our chocolate cake
made with a baking soda/vinegar reaction

and build tall towers with turrets

yes, Zac is still removing kernels from corn cobs
Carol Petrash suggests this activity in Earthways

working on completing their knitted kittens

yes, Zac is still at it with the Indian corn
small children simply love this activity!

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