Monday, November 18, 2019

A Peek into the Classroom... Part III

Photos from the beginning of November:

sorting work
a favorite task!

look what I found!

categorizing is now thought to be the most important
higher order thinking skill

not to mention all the communication skills
that the two of them are practicing right now

the tiniest pieces are the most fun to find

look at that beautiful pincer grasp

sooo many skills in such a simple activity!

Zac works with creating equal lengths

the challenge of balancing blocks

Sentence Analysis
the Indirect Object (working chart ii)

a review of how to do the Biome Puzzle Maps

our Backyard Biome tapestry is nearly complete!

winding sticks with yarn

the coordination of this task requires a lot
of concentration

reading the daily lunchbox joke

the Preposition Circus
"stick fighting about the room"

"going under the silk"

a very cheerful group bow
they had a blast doing this activity
and acted out 11 prepositional phrases for us to enjoy

taking each piece out carefully and placing it on the

Ms. Jamie helps us strain our homemade kombucha
and we add fresh ginger to our jasmine tea for ferment #2

everyone wants to touch the SCOBY

college visits...

yarn wrapping work of a new variety
we are loving all these cool wooden shapes

sorting crayons by color for the batik project
and unwrapping each and every one

graph paper multiplication
the last step before abstraction

a long multiplication problem with the Stamp Game

adding the front cover to the Capital Letters book

Sentence Analysis Working Chart iii
adjectives for the subject, DO, or IO

adjectives modifying the subject

adjectives modifying both the direct and indirect objects

adjectives modifying the subject and direct object

our beautiful shaving cream marblized leaves

pushing the persimmon pulp through a strainer

the large seeds

Flags of the World work from Montessori R&D
this set is Oceania

ready to check their work against the control

dynamic addition with the Small Bead Frame

squeezing lemon juice for our Persimmon Jam recipe

giving a Stamp Game multiplication lesson to a friend

sorting the Varialand tiles to make a farm scene

our kombucha is looking awesome

time to strain and let ferment a few days more

introductory fraction work

adding fractions to the MLB
numeration tells "how many"
denominator tells "what kind"

a Science & Grammar lesson in one

making sentences with word cards
color coded to the Montessori symbols for parts of speech

bringing in the chunk of ice from the bird bath

sprinkling salt to see if it will melt faster

hmmm... cold

yes, the salt is making a difference!

for tactile discrimination

making factor trees in the most fun way possible

adding fractions with common denominators

trilobite artwork in Science Club

today's chunk of birdbath ice is all set up
for watercolor painting 

oooh... it makes purple

yes, they spent an hour on this activity

if you add salt too, you get wonderful designs

then it was time to fill the bird feeders

being extremely careful of course
they took this pouring work quite seriously

our Chopped Salad instead of Stone Soup
(Stone Salad just doesn't have the same ring to it)

broccoli stamped trees

they turned out to be so lovely

our newest Truer Words deck has arrived

sewing up her knitted chicken

weaving on the tapestry loom

"Newt," our sourdough starter
is going strong and absolutely ready to bake with!

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