Sunday, November 17, 2019

Photos for Dyeing Rainbow Rice

This is sooooo simple and it's so beautiful that I took a ton of pictures for it! So I think it's only fair to give them their own dedicated post.

The process takes only a few minutes per color, and this is so easy and fun that it is a perfect project for toddlers and preschoolers. You can dye in the morning, let it dry through lunch, and they can play with it after naptime.

You will need for EACH color:

    a quart ziploc bag
    a cup of rice
    a tablespoon of vinegar
    a few drops of food coloring
    a loaf pan

Simply put the rice in the bag, add the vinegar, add the food coloring, shake several times, then mush and squash vigorously until the color has saturated the rice and there is no white rice left in the bag.

Pour into a loaf pan to dry, stirring several times over the course of a few hours. We used a 5 lb bag of rice. I put all the remaining undyed rice into the sensory bin as well, which gave it a more pastel look.

Hours of fun! Total cost: $3.00.

squeeze it... squash it... 

carefully squeezing a few drops of food coloring

shake it super hard!

it's so pretty!

our rainbow of colors

the rice is dry and we are ready to assemble the bin

the ombre effects are stunning

laying down the stripes

yes... and it will never look this way again!

everyone watches eagerly as the colors get mixed together

lots of pretend cooking ensues

one child makes a soup; the other makes a cake

this cake is so tasty!

of course, the cleanup is fun as well

working as a team

this sensory play continues for days

so sweet!

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