Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Peek into the Classroom... Part II

Photos from the rest of last month, beginning with October 15th.

inspired by our Pancake Pile-Up! game
these two decide to open a restaurant

the Sunshine Cafe is open for business

oops, time for a quick repair
we love our playstand clips & silks!

stringing soaked Indian corn kernels to make necklaces
another idea from Carol Petrash in Earthways

it's so hard to choose the prettiest ones

sneaking up on the dragon with their bells

leaf raking time!

from For Small Hands

from For Small Hands

they were very sad when recess ended

arranging the dominoes in rainbow order

this set from Grimm's gets used every single day
we have had it for years!

time out for a Dead Bug yoga pose

HHS continues

and knitting kittens

and playing outside!

adding our arwork and words of explanation
to the MLB

for the Baby Wolves, this is their first
main lesson book of the year

Tower card from the LMNOP set of alphabet cards

potato printed otter faces from A Lot of Otters
 (Capital Letters O and S)

blending paper pulp for G is for Goose

our poured paper pulp illustrations are
inspired by Denise Fleming's Barnyard Banter

doing the Tree of Life puzzle in Science Club


our basket of finished kittens, one made by each child

now the children are allowed to take them home

first, of course, we have to take them to
Bandy's Pumpkin Patch
and let them drive the tractor

and let them go down the slide!

Zac and his kitten, Goldilocks

getting ready for swim class!

decorating pumpkins for the library's 
Pumpkin Book Character contest

Zac is carefully fringing the tail of Reddy Fox 
from Old Mother West Wind by Thornton Burgess

Frog from Frog & Toad
(the story where Frog's jacket is covered in buttons)

Jenny from The Little Kitten

making the glue/yarn design for Charlotte's Web

and every once in a while, Zac comes along and
draws a beetle on my classroom chalkboard

painting pumpkins to donate to the Pumpkin Glow

HHS work continues

they not only have to decorate the entire house,

they have to label each word with its part of speech
by placing it under the correct Montessori grammar symbol

it's a lot of work and takes several weeks, 

everyone loves the Hanunted House of Speech

Ms. Anna and Zac sort the donation of wooden pieces

the finished pieces of handmade paper turned out so well!

F is for Feather

long division with the Stamp Game

younger children can paint for the Pumpkin Glow
but older children have to carve

Capital Letters Q and K

beginning with Sentence Analysis

G is for Ginger
with its curvy knobby root, ginger can be 
almost any shape... so this is easy to imagine

and we make Gingerbread Play Dough too

reading the newspaper
new dinosaur fossil discovery!

adding the Capital Letters to the MLB

choosing wool yarn colors for our knitted pouches

a little bit of color theory
the darker color below (for holding things safely)
the lighter color above (for inviting you to open it)

our gelatin plates in Science Club
appropriately disgusting, given the places we swabbed

Ms. Shelby comes to be our Sourdough guest

and she brings us all hot homemade bread

our contributions were first along the trail!

and we had several prize winners

I just love this annual tradition
there were over 500 pumpkins this year!

gathering material for more in-depth Sentence Analysis

the stencil from Mandala Classroom Resources

preparing to make my own wooden materials

the children continue to explore new board games on the shelf

and to find new ways to play together outside

a super-successful idea from Tinkergarten

all of the older children get in on the fun

Mushy Pea sensory bin

Pumpkin Puree and Cooked Spaghetti

Zac can't resist pouring work

hammering coffee cans to be our lanterns
for the Lantern Walk Nov 3

the Witch's Brew play continues

of course, this is the time of year I introduce Algebra
with "Ghostie Numbers"

make the problems as simple or as difficult as you wish
move the variable around in many different locations

it is VERY important that children learn from the beginning
that the equals sign does not mean "put the answer here"

wet felting!
Baby Wolves are learning about yurts, but
Red Pandas can put this in their plan as well

flat wet felting with bubble wrap is super-satisfying

a great combination of Art, Handwork,
and Sensory Play

black lentils with orange pumpkin confetti

orange rice with black spider confetti

the Yurt Kit

adding Direct Object to the MLB

adding P is for Parrot to the MLB
with feather collages

the Capital Letters block gives us a chance to review
pen grip and correct letter formation and to start
writing (words or simple story summaries) in a fun way

sitting in a lesson with an older child

the Short Bead chains (used for skip counting)

carefully following the many steps in this lesson

Ms. Anna also helps with the Yurt Kit
and is the person who took the time needed to complete it,
tying on the felt and showing us how the smoke flap works

it's so pretty!

ta da!

putting the timeline of Early Humans cards 
from Clocca Concepts in order in Science Club

next up, the evolution of bacteria!

Natalie explains how to feed "Newt,"
our sourdough starter

a lesson in photosynthesis 
a molecule of glucose (C6 H12 O6) 
and the remaining O2, which will exit the leaf

Zac finally gets up the courage to trust his swim teacher
and will not only reach and kick without clinging fearfully,
but he's jumping in knowing that she will catch him

it's so important when you homeschool that your children
have other teachers besides only you!

my sweet little Turnip Lantern
from the directions in The Children's Year, p.104

I had so much fun carving that little lantern.  And we had a great Lantern Walk around Campus Lake, meeting up with other families at 5 pm on November 3rd.  It was simply beautiful.  I hope this can become a new tradition in our town!  What a wonderful way to celebrate the season and make the darkness family time and turning the clocks back feel special.

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